NISRA - Nothern Illinois Special Recreation Association
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Comments from parents:

Our two daughters attended for the first time Camp Kaleidoscope. Their balance and coordination improved…and what touched our hearts the most was to see what socialization happened there, not only with the staff, but with friends they made with the other children that attended. It is rather disheartening when you hear those words that your child has failed Kindergarten according to the standards, but it is very uplifting to see them achieve so much in one summer. We cannot thank you enough!

Great staff and great time…I love to see Noe smile and that’s what NISRA does for him.

I really feel the art programs at NISRA triggered something within Eric that had never been tapped into. We now have to make him put his books away when I catch him coloring sitting on his bed at midnight!

The staff is incredibly able to function on all levels with the different childrens’ needs.

It’s a unique, challenging and lonely world my son lives in. But, outlets like NISRA and people like you make it a better place to live.

When Josh was younger, he was in sports until about the age of 15...then the social aspect was just too much and the kids started teasing him.  I am SOOOOO happy Mary Ellen and Brent's parents talked us into this organization. I feel like it's helping him with his confidence and realization that he IS good, he is an athlete, and he CAN do it without the ridicule of others. I can tell, especially, with golf...that he is starting to feel good.  He is even talking more.  Running is a constant in his life - that will always be a side bar. He is training for another 1/2 marathon.

For a semi-verbal child to chant “NISRA” weeks after camp ended, still hoping to go…ABSOLUTELY. (answer to “Would you choose a NISRA camp again?”)

NISRA provides people with things their families cannot give them: friends and a feeling of being part of mainstream society.

Alex has formed bonds with many other participants in programs and especially on the trips. It’s like a reunion when everyone arrives with their luggage for the next adventure…they are all friends and Alex “glows” when he sees them.

My child learned to swim independently and go down the waterslide. She was so excited and felt good about her accomplishment. The camp helped improve her self-esteem and taught her new skills. She had an awesome time!

Comments from staff:

Today at the pool Daylen said his first word ever!!! It was the coolest experience ever! His mom cried when we told her!

I thought I had so much to give. Yet at the end of the summer, while I have given so much of myself to NISRA and the kids I worked with, I was the one whose life was changed.

Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to have such a meaningful summer job…if I had a dollar for every time I shared a story about camp, I wouldn’t even have to apply for additional (college) scholarships!