NISRA - Nothern Illinois Special Recreation Association
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A NISRA seasonal brochure is the best way to get an idea of all that NISRA has to offer. To obtain a printed brochure, call the NISRA office at
(815) 459-0737, or stop by your park district, recreation department or local library.

A Few Notes About Registration:

Priority Registration. Registration is conducted on a first-come, first-served basis. Residents of NISRA's member districts who register prior to the deadline have priority over out-of-district participants. Out-of-district residents are welcome to register for all programs, however a non-resident fee is charged.

Suggested Ability Level. Although some programs are offered according to disability classifications, these classifications are only considered recommendations. If the participant meets the social, physical, behavioral and age requirements of any program, he or she can register for it.

Inclusion. NISRA also provides assistance to those wishing to participate in their home park district or recreation department program. Types of assistance may include staff training, adapted equipment, sign language assistance or a program aide. Call NISRA or your home district staff to inquire about the inclusion process.


Registration Dates:

Resident Priority Registration for Fall 2019 ends August 21

Non-resident Registration begins August 22

Final Registration Deadline is August 26*

Residents of NISRA's 13 member districts will be registered first. Non-residents may submit their registration at any time, however, their registration will be processed after resident registration ends. They will be processed in the order that they were received. NOTE: Online registrations will be processed by the system, during regular business hours, in the order they are submitted.
*NISRA is adhering to the registration deadlines. If your registration is late, it will be held to be reviewed to see if the participant can be added to any program(s).

To view current/recent brochures:

Special Olympian girl ice skater

Fall 2019 brochure, click here

Summer 2019 brochure, click here 

Winter/Spring 2019 brochure, click here

Summer Day Camp 2019 brochure, click here




Downloadable forms:

Annual Information Update, click here

Fitness Program Waiver, click here

Medication Permission Waiver, click here

Registration Form, click here

Seizure Questionnaire, click here

Special Olympics Application for Participation, click here

Special Olympics App for Participation Fact Sheet (info for parents/guardians), click here



To register by mail or drop off, return forms to:

NISRA, 285 Memorial Drive, Crystal Lake, IL 60014

(we're located across from the Crystal Lake Post Office)

Please note: NISRA does not recommend e-mailing your completed forms because, while there is a high level of security, there is not an encrypted method for transmitting the sensitive data contained on the forms.

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