COVID UPDATE – February 23, 2022

While Executive Order 21-22 is currently in effect (at least with respect to masks in public indoor spaces generally outside of the school context), it appears the governor will lift the executive order regarding masking in public indoor spaces February 28. However, it is also possible the governor executes amended or revised executive order(s) to address the issue, and NISRA may need to pivot once again to accommodate unexpected changes.

If the Governor follows through on lifting the masking in indoor spaces mandate, NISRA will comply with the rule.  Wearing a mask by participants and/or staff will be strongly recommended for safety but not required in most settings. Masks will be highly recommended when utilizing NISRA transportation services.

NISRA program recreation staff will be following up with program sites that may choose to continue to require masks, and notify those participants affected by this requirement.  We recommend program participants continue to bring a mask with them to programs in the event use of a mask is required by a facility.  Participants that will not follow mask guidelines when required will not be allowed to attend the activity/program.

Thank you for your ongoing support and cooperation with addressing the current COVID-19 challenges.